-det er tiden som skaper et rom-



-time creates space-




Hvordan opplever en som lever i en millionby omgitt av bygninger, -tegninger av fjell og natur, i forhold til en nordmann omgitt av vill natur?

På samme måte som treet er formet av sine omgivelser, formes mennesket av sine opplevelser og erfaringer. Gjennom Ingeborg Blom Andersskog

(f. 1983, Kongsvinger) sine langvarige tegneperformancer repeterer hun enkle streker der hver lille bevegelse er med på å påvirke verkets videre utforming. Treet er et vesen som minnes alle sine bragder i sin egen form, og på samme måte kan kroppen anses som summen av opplevelsene fra våre liv.


How does one that live in a million city surrounded by buildings relate to drawings of mountains and nature, compared to a Norwegian surrounded by nature? In the same way as a tree is formed by it's surroundings, man is shaped by experiences. Through the protracted drawing-performances by Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (dob. 1984, Kongsvinger) with the repetition of simple lines, every movement affects the embodiment of the work. The tree is a being that remembers all its achievements in its own form, and in the same way our bodies can be considered as the sum of the experiences in our lives. With the use of acrylic Blom Andersskog wishes to create a distance to nature.


Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (1983, Kongsvinger) works with sculpture, performance and installation where the meeting point between body, material and space is frequently repeated. The time and the action of making plays an important role. Through different mediums she plays with the visual and haptic (sensorial) contradiction trying to seduce the viewer. She has had various exhibitions and performances in Norway as well as Brazil and China. !She graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2015) with a master in fine art and a bachelor in ceramics.